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31 Days 31 Poses Challenge

During the month of May, I participated in a daily challenge on Instagram started by animator Courtney Oberbeck (@court_oberbeck) where artists were encouraged to post one pose study a day. The challenge fostered a strong sense of community and support among participants, and it was exciting to see everyone's amazing work.

For me, I am all about character and emotion. Facial animation is my favorite thing to do! I loved finding poses with strong facial expressions. I also loved infusing a little bit of personality and emotion into all of my poses.

I used the challenge to not only help improve my study of anatomy and body mechanics, but to also dabble in aspects like lighting and rendering. Every pose was individually textured, lit, and rendered by myself.

Overall, the challenge was a great learning experience in many aspects, as well as a great way to connect to other artists!

Find me on Instagram: @alyce_animates


Resources Used


Amy Rig by Gabriel Salas

Dana Rig by Gabriel Salas

David Rig by Gabriel Salas

Sam Rig by Gabriel Salas

Bonnie Rig by Josh Sobel

Ruby Rig by Amine Kefi

Cartoon Girl Rig by Cartoon Factory

Waitress Rig by Santiago Calle

Amanda Rig by Artem Dubina

Body Mechanics Rigs by Joe Daniels

Mery Rig by The Mery Project

Malcom Rig by AnimSchool


Reference Images

Line of Action


Google images

Fred character designs by Jin Kim

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